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Month: April 2019

What are the types of loans that exist in Brazil?

In the midst of this crisis we are having to experience, it is quite normal to see people increasingly resorting to loans in Brazil. Be it to pay off your debts or deal with some last minute urgency. But what are the types of loans you can apply for? Further illustration at http://2coolwallpapers.com/2018/11/19/what-can-a-payday-loan-consolidation-company-do-for-you/ Our goal […]

Credit history, improve it in a few steps

Credit history? Are all the tacos that I have trusted the lady on the corner part of this? No, quiet, but if you have not paid, start doing it because from those little things we do the habits. A credit history is a report made by banks or financial entities explaining your payment record. The […]