What are the types of loans that exist in Brazil?

In the midst of this crisis we are having to experience, it is quite normal to see people increasingly resorting to loans in Brazil. Be it to pay off your debts or deal with some last minute urgency. But what are the types of loans you can apply for? Further illustration at http://2coolwallpapers.com/2018/11/19/what-can-a-payday-loan-consolidation-company-do-for-you/ Our goal […]

Credit history, improve it in a few steps

Credit history? Are all the tacos that I have trusted the lady on the corner part of this? No, quiet, but if you have not paid, start doing it because from those little things we do the habits. A credit history is a report made by banks or financial entities explaining your payment record. The […]

What are the differences between online loans and bank loans

What are the differences between online loans and bank loans See pegasus-one.org for an observation Everyone knows that nowadays technology has become more and more advanced and everything that we had to go to do, we can do online, without even leaving the house to take a ride. And undoubtedly one of the most practical […]

Loan insurance coverage: when it is mandatory and when it is convenient

The Customer who signs a loan can decide whether to stipulate a Loan Insurance Policy.  The insurance coverage on the loan can be of two different types: the CPI or the Credit Protection Insurance, it is the policy to cover the credit that may be mandatory or optional depending on the type of loan and […]

Car: is it possible to refinance?

Asset-backed loan is one of the most inexpensive forms of credit. Since the money lent by the financial institution has a payment security, the Total Effective Cost (CET) becomes lower for the consumer. Generally, this mode of credit accepts only real estate and cars removed. But among the most common doubts are: Is it possible […]

Assignment of the Fifth of the Pension: who can do it and who does not

Pensioners have the possibility to obtain credit at preferential rates through the Assignment of the Fifth Pension. This is a type of financing designed and dedicated exclusively to pensioners and in this regard the INPS has defined all the methods and conditions necessary to access them. The Pensioner who accesses the Assignment of the Fifth […]